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Tito Puente and his orchestra - Dance Mania
Dance Mania –

Tito Puente was an American percussionist, composer and bandleader of Puerto Rican origin. He is considered one of the most important exponents of Latin music and salsa. He recorded more than fifty albums during his career and won numerous awards, including five Grammy Awards.

He has also been honored by the Jazz Academy and received the National Medal of Arts from President . Puente is known for his unique timbale style and his ability to fuse different genres of Latin music. He passed away in 2000, but his music continues to be enjoyed and performed around the world.

Tito Puente en 1998
Tito Puente in 1998

The album Dance Mania

“Dance Mania” is Tito Puente's most famous album, released in 1958. It was recorded in a single day and has been considered one of the most influential Latin music albums of all time. It features a variety of Latin music styles, including salsa, mambo and cha-cha-cha, with energetic and rhythmic songs that invite dancing.

The album includes songs like Hong Kong Mambo and Mambo Gozon, which have become salsa classics.

“Dance Mania” was a commercial success for Puente, reaching number one on the Latin charts and becoming one of the best-selling albums of his career. It also received rave reviews from music critics and was considered a turning point in Puente's career. The album has been re-released several times over the years and has continued to be considered a classic of Latin music.

Agua Limpia Todo

Agua Limpia Todo is a typical salsa track, with driving rhythms and Spanish lyrics that speak of the power of water to cleanse and purify things. The song has sections of timpani and piano solos, as well as a section of answering vocals that add even more energy to the song.

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