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Brilliant Corners –

Thelonious Monk was an American jazz pianist and composer considered one of the most important and influential musicians in the history of jazz. He played an important role in the evolution of jazz music by introducing dissonant chords and syncopated rhythms into his compositions.

His unique piano style is characterised by fast movements and unusually struck keys. He recorded several famous albums, such as ‘Round About Midnight' and ‘Genius of Modern Music', and was inducted into the Jazz Hall of Fame in 1982.

What about his first name? Thelonious” is a variant of “Thelonius” which is a first name of Greek origin meaning “in respect of God” or “divine”. It is derived from the Greek root ‘theos' meaning ‘God' and ‘nous' meaning ‘spirit' or ‘soul'.

The album

“Brilliant corners” is often considered one of his best recordings. It includes original compositions by Monk, including the eponymous Brilliant Corners, which is considered one of his most difficult pieces to play.

It also includes covers of songs such as I Surrender, Dear and Bemsha Swing. The album was recorded with a group of top musicians, including on tenor saxophone and on double bass. It was well received by the critics and is considered a classic of jazz music.

Bemsha Swing

Bemsha Swing is characterised by a syncopated rhythm and dissonant chords typical of Monk's music. It also has a very distinctive vocal melody which is played by ' tenor saxophone in the original recording.

It is often played by jazz musicians in concerts and jam sessions, and has been recorded by many different artists throughout history. It is considered one of the most important and influential pieces of Monk's career and era, and is a clear example of his innovative compositional style and approach to harmony.

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