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Country Joe & the Fish - Electric Music for the Mind and Body

In the pantheon of psychedelic bands of the 1960s, occupy a special place. Born in the counter-cultural effervescence of San Francisco, combined protest song and psychedelic rock with a virulence that has no equal.

and , the two brains behind the band, were able to transform the social and political turmoil of their time into highly effective protest anthems. Their biggest hit, “I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag”, remains a bitter and disillusioned critique of the Vietnam War that continues to resonate over half a century later.

But Country Joe & The Fish was not just about lyrics. Their music was a rich and daring psychedelic experiment, informed by influences ranging from blues to folk to rock. Barry Melton's lyrical and unhinged guitar, the ethereal arrangements and Joe McDonald's poignant harmonica created a unique atmosphere.

Country Joe & The Fish
Country Joe & The Fish

The impact of Country Joe & The Fish went far beyond the boundaries of music. They were a living symbol of the spirit of resistance of their time, a standard bearer of the Flower Power generation. Their music and their message remain as relevant as ever. Country Joe & The Fish is not just a memory of the San Francisco psychedelic scene, it is a living part of the history of musical protest.

The album Electric Music for the Mind and Body

Released in 1967, “Electric Music for the Mind and Body” is the first album by Country Joe & The Fish, an emblematic figure of the San Francisco psychedelic scene. With this opus, the band managed to combine the protest energy of the time with an innovative and daring sound aesthetic.

From the first notes of “Flying High”, the tone is set. Barry Melton's acid guitar and Country Joe McDonald's voice, by turns poetic and militant, plunge us into a whirlwind of sound colours. The album is an intense sensory experience, where committed lyrics are combined with innovative soundscapes.

The highlight of the album is undoubtedly “Section 43”, a hallucinatory instrumental where Bruce Barthol's groovy bass and Chicken Hirsh's hypnotic drums mix with psychedelic sound effects to create a unique soundscape. The title reflects the free and experimental spirit that permeates the entire album.

But “Electric Music for the Mind and Body” is not just a musical work, it is also a vibrant testament to the spirit of resistance that animated the 1960s. McDonald's poetic, anti-establishment lyrics express a sharp critique of society and militarism. Songs like “Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine” and “Death Sound Blues” are lyrical pamphlets against the Vietnam War and social injustice.

“Electric Music for the Mind and Body” is more than an album, it is a total work of art, where music and lyrics form an indissociable whole. A psychedelic manifesto that continues, more than fifty years after its release, to seduce by its freshness and its audacity.

“Flying High”, the opening track from the album “Electric Music for the Mind and Body”, is Country Joe & The Fish's first bold step into the world of psychedelic music. The track perfectly symbolises the sound and spirit of the late 60s, representing a musical journey that reflects the cultural and social changes of the time.

The song opens with a graceful, sinuous guitar melody, quickly joined by a pulsating bass and vibrant drums. It's an invitation to let go of the constraints of everyday life and soar to liberating heights, a celebration of the sense of freedom that comes with psychedelic ‘flying'.

Country Joe McDonald's voice, soft and slightly hoarse, tells a story of liberation and escape. The lyrics, both simple and profound, evoke the feeling of floating free, flying over the landscape, escaping from reality. It is a hymn to freedom of spirit and rebellion against social norms.

“Flying High” is also a statement of intent for the rest of the album. It sets the tone and mood for the musical journey that follows, presenting a blend of rock'n'roll, folk and psychedelia that is distinctly Country Joe & The Fish.

“Flying High” remains a psychedelic rock staple. It is a song that continues to inspire, through its captivating music and its message of freedom and rebellion.

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